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Before confirming your booking, the "Guide in Baku" team provides to your attention the terms and conditions . Please, read them carefully, as they describe our rights and obligations, respectively.

- www.guideinbaku.com web-site is a platform for providing services for  search and booking of excursions.

- By registering on the website www.guideinbaku.com, each Supplier agrees with these Terms of Service and agrees to comply with them.


You can use our website only to view our materials or activities related to the order of our services. It is prohibited to access, use and copy texts, photos and other materials or information on this site for any commercial or other self-serving purposes without our written consent. If you want to place your own link on our website, you need to get our written permission, and this link can be placed only on our main page.


We kindly ask you to give contact information, such as full name, contact phone number, e -mail address, hotel name and room number in order to inform you of any changes and stay in touch during the excursion. We keep your personal information confidential. All  personal information is used only for excursions, we do not transfer it to the third parties. The collection of confidential information is carried out while you contact us and make an excursion order. You take all responsibilities for accuracy of information provided and agree that your family members or other co-travelers, must know and approve your  intent to provide our company with their confidential information and register them on the booking form on your behalf. You are also fully responsible for the correct transmission and clarification of our reliable information on the itinerary, timing and cost of the excursion to your fellow travelers. You agree that some of the confidential information may be disclosed to order the services necessary to fully support your excursion.


You can contact us at any time. The best way to contact us is Email, SMS or a call. We provide technical support for reservations, cancellations and any other questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact: +994502811156


The "Guide in Baku" team undertakes to provide the Services in a high-quality, timely manner, to the extent and on the terms that are specified to the Client when ordering the Services.

The "Guide in Baku" team has the right to demand from the Client the compliance with the payment terms established by the Service Operator.

The Tourist undertakes and is responsible for compliance with all conditions for visiting display objects, including rules of conduct, appearance and others, if there are any. At the same time, the Service Operator is responsible for prior notification of the Tourist about such terms and conditions.


The" Guide in Baku" team is not liable for loss of things, damage to the client's property or damage to his health if caused by natural disasters, weather changes, fire, flooding or humidity of the facilities, theft, robbery or violence by persons who are not employees of our company. In addition, our company is not liable for the material damage you have suffered in occasion of a war, strike, terrorist act, riots on national, religious or other grounds, an outbreak of the epidemic and related quarantine measures, technogenic catastrophe or other unforeseen circumstances, as well as for actions and restrictions on the part of the army, the police, the prosecutor's office, communal, road transport, medical and sanitary and rescue services, state security agencies, national and regional administrative and party bodies imposed by all these and similiar reasons.

We urge all tourists to observe the laws of our country (Azerbaijan). In case of your arrest by the police or state security agencies for illegal or criminal actions our company is not responsible for your future destiny.


In case of a bank transfer the payment to  our account must be made before the start of the excursion. Usually the transfer of money by means of  bank account takes 3-4 working days. In the case of online payment, the money is received immediately. General rule for any time of payment – money should be available on our bank account prior to  the excursion date. It is necessary to take into account that a bank can withhold the commission for transferring money. If we do not receive the payment before the start of the tour, the order is automatically canceled.

In case of cancellation of the excursion 1 day prior to the start of the tour - 100% penalty
In case of cancellation of the excursion 3 days prior to the start of the tour - 50% penalty
In case of cancellation of the excursion 7 days prior to the start of the tour - a full refund

You can not change the order independently after confirming the tour.
Call us at the support service +994502811156 after having agreed upon, and we will make changes to the order no later than 2 days prior to the start of the excursion.


You will be sent an e-mail with payment confirmation. After you need to print an electronic voucher or save it on your electronic device. The voucher with information about the excursion (date, time and place of meeting)  must be presented to the guide prior to the start of the excursion.