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About us

"Guide in Baku" team welcomes you and offers sightseeing tours around Baku and Absheron peninsula, which include numerous excursions to attractions. Within these unique programs are held exciting and informative studies of the historical places of Baku and Absheron peninsula , open under new, interesting angles. The history of the city comes to life in front of your eyes.You will get information about the mystical and mysterious legends of our city. Every year Baku attracts many guests due to its numerous sights, ancient streets in the center, unique diverse architecture, and the spirit of this beautiful city. Experienced guides from "Guide in Baku" will gladly share their knowledge wıth you and answer all the questions.

The schedule of excursions, developed by us, provides a wide range of guaranteed, individual and thematic tours. All excursions are arranged by month, date and time. You need to choose an excursion and send an application. For the convenience of planning individual excursions, select  the month, date and time that interest you in the shedule,mark the desired route or trip and place an order.

- You get a guarantee of the quality of excursions, conducted only by licensed guides.

- You receive a reply with a detailed program developed for you within 24 hours of receipt of the application.

- You can easily pay for your excursion, through our website, as well as using online payment systems for a bank or by quickly transferring money through money transfer systems (MoneyQram, Western Union, Contact etc).

Each tour contains detailed information:

- Time of beginning and end of the excursion;

- Price, depending on the category of tourists;

- Meeting Point;

- Points of passage of the route, where historical sights, monuments of architecture, famous places of the capital and so on are indicated;

- The description provided serves as an introductory stage to the selected excursion and gives a complete picture of it.