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When booking the tour, you can see the available dates in the calendar.

-  call us on the phone
-  send an application by E-mail
-  write in WhatsApp
-  buy online through the online system of our site.

- using a bank card
- through the site
- a quick transfer of money through money transfer systems (MoneyQram, Western Union, Contact, etc.)

For guaranteed excursions: near the entrance to the "Icheri Sheher" metro station 
For individual excursions: individually negotiated

For guaranteed excursions:
To the place of collection (near the entrance to the metro station "Icheri Sheher")
For individual excursions: individually negotiated

Comfortable shoes and everything that you will need during the tour.

There are no restrictions, but given the complexity of the walking tour route, it is not recommended to take children up to 3 years

The available tour languages ​​are listed in the information bar on the left of the selected excursion page

If the description does not contain enough information, you can specify the information from the coordinator by writing a letter to him or on WhatsApp

After ordering the tour and accepting the application,the system will automatically send the coordinator's contact information on your e-mail. All questions concerning the guide can be answered by the coordinator

Ideally from 14 to 1 day before the planned date of the excursion.

You can not independently change the order after confirming the tour.

Call us at the support service +994502811156 after having agreed upon, and we will make changes to the order no later than 2 days before the excursion starts.

If you do not have the opportunity to print a ticket, you can show it from an electronic device where the name, number of people will be displayed correctly.

In the case of a bank transfer,the payment to the account must be made before the start of the excursion. Usually the transfer of money through a bank account takes 3-4 working days. In the case of online payment, the money is deposited immediately. The main rule of payment is that the amount of money for the service needs to sit in full before starting the service. It is necessary to take into account that the bank can withhold the commission for transferring money. If the payment is not received by us before the start of the tour, the booking is automatically canceled

In case of cancellation of the excursion 1 day prior to the start of the tour - 100% penalty

In case of cancellation of the excursion 3 days prior to the start of the tour - 50% penalty

In case of cancellation of the excursion 7 days prior to the start of the tour - a full refund

You will be sent an e-mail with a notification of payment of the order. After you need to print an electronic voucher or save it on your electronic media. The voucher with information about the excursion (date, time and place of meeting) is presented to the guide before the excursion starts.